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Marcella Adamski, Ph.D

Personal Introduction

As a seasoned clinical psychologist with 30 years of practice, I bring to my work the professional expertise, wise perspective and genuine compassion necessary to help you resolve your personal and professional problems.

In my psychotherapy practice, I work in a direct, warm and engaged manner to enable clients to tackle difficult emotional problems such as anxiety and depression as well as interpersonal conflicts in relationships.    

I provide psychological consultations and coaching for professionals and corporate executives who value a confidential milieu in which they can obtain an objective perspective about work challenges, career decisions and workplace dynamics.  

For individuals from diverse cultural, racial and religious backgrounds, I can offer an informed and respectful cross-cultural understanding to address personal and professional challenges.    

To calm the emotions, ease tension and physical pain and create more beneficial brain patterns to promote healing, I can offer instructions in mindfulness meditation, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises.        


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About Marcella Adamski, Ph.D.

Marcella Adamski, Ph.D. is a professional clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Financial District in California. She provides a wide range of psychotherapy services, including counseling individuals, professionals, couples, elders and the LGBT community.  She has worked with people from diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds. Her extensive travel and experience in serving as a consultant in international projects has equipped her to understand cultural challenges in the workplace and in family relations.

Dr. Adamski will work with you in an engaged and interactive manner bringing both competency and compassion to the therapeutic relationship. If you would like to learn more about her services or would like to schedule a therapy session, please contact Dr. Adamski.

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Marcella Adamski, Ph.D.


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